Complete UX and Web Design Projects List by Industry

Our homepage is just a sample of some of our most recent projects, here is the complete list. Have a project in mind? Tell us what you need: [email protected]

Large Websites, Applications & Custom Solutions

All our custom digital projects revolve around achieving a key goal, be it more walk-ins, more enrolments, greater brand engagement, more add-to-carts, more phone calls etc. This is where we excel, we get to the point!

Production Music Library (Web App design case study): View 9Lives Music App

Charity / Not For Profit: View ACN / Laravel Web Application

Alcohol Abuse Therapy / Not For Profit: View Hello Sunday Morning / Custom Website

SaaS / Workforce Management: View Pegasus / Custom Website Design

Finance / Media: (Web Development case study) : View Stockhead, ASX Stock News Platform Design

Finance: (Finance Website Design Case Study) : View Petra: Finance Website Design

Job Marketplace: View Commtract / Web Application

Government: (Branding, Print and Web design case study) : View NSW Government Crime Commission Website

Alcohol eCommerce: View St.Hugo: Wine / Alcohol eCommerce

NGO / Not For Profit eCommerce: (NGO UX Web Design Case Study) : View UNHCR NGO ecommerce website

Jewellery eCommerce Store: (UX Design / Conversion rate optimisation case study) : View Larsen Jewellery

Cosmetics eCommerce: (Ecommerce Website Development case study) : View Melissa Sassine

Medical / CPR: (Web design case study) : View CPR Kids Training | Child & Baby First Aid

Medical: (UX Web Case Study) : View Multigate Health Products Website Design

Education : (Branding, Print and Web design case study) : View Skillset – Careers Education Website

Information Technology (Web design case study): View CRS: IT & Infrastructure

Insurance: (UX Web design case study) : View Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

Government: (Government Website Design & Development case study) : View Parramatta Council Website Design

Venues / Accommodation: View Uniting Venues Website

Automotive accessories(Landing page case study): View XForce Performance Exhaust

Coffee / Food franchise (UX design case study): View Soul Origin: Food Franchise

Food franchise (UX design case study): View Zeus Street Greek Food Franchise

Bakery Chain (Web design case study): View Bourke Street Bakery

Cake Chain (Cake shop web design case study): View Christophers Cakes: Cake, Coffee and Food Chain

Medium Websites

Food / eCommerce: View Cakemail / Custom Shopify

Tourism: View Australian Traveller / Custom Website

Media relations: View Mojo Media Media Relations website

Legal: (Website Design Case Study): View Hitch Advisory: Lawyer / Law Firm website

NGO Compliance Services: (NGO UX Web Design Case Study) : View BNG NGO compliance

Non-profit : Mens Mental HealthView Might & Mane, Mental Health Website

Dental : View Delight Dental Spa Dentist Website

Financial Services: (Financial Services Website Design Case Study) : View Infinity: Financial Services Website

Tourism: View Ormina: Tourism Agency Website

Actor Talent Agency : View MCSM Actor Agent

Creative Art Studio : View Ample Projects

Startups, Small Websites & Landing Pages

SEO / Marketing: View SEO for Small Business / Photography & Custom WordPress Website

Law / Criminal Lawyers: View ALA / Branding Design & WordPress Website

IT / Audio Visual: View MNGD / Custom WordPress

Finance / Super: (Superannuation Website Design Case Study) : View Tomorrow Super: Finance Website

Supplements: View Saffronia: Health Supplement web design

Supplements: View Origins Of Australia: Health Supplement website design

Food retail: View Panayi Retail Group: Food Industry Web design

Food retail: View The Hellenic: Greek Food Restaurant Web design

Furniture Homewares Startup: View My Hali Hali Homewares

Events: View Vbub: Small Business, Events Website

Events: View The Events Agency: Event Management

Automotive: View Hyundai Commercial Vehicle Website


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