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From UX Design to Brand Design to Web Design, we are your go to Sydney Digital UX Agency for a complete strategy geared towards your online success! Bapple started in a beachside apartment over 10 years ago, read our story.

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A UX Focussed Web Design Agency

Our core strengths lie in bespoke digital product design, custom web design, digital strategy, brand creation and custom web development on the WordPress, Shopify and Laravel platforms.

We specialise in several sectors including technology, NGO, food franchise, medical, creative, construction and finance sectors. See complete projects and industry list.

Before we begin any web or design project, we consider many factors; who is your customer, where they will be browsing from, what devices are they using, how to speak to them, what are their fears, what questions are they seeking to answer? Our UX design process delves deep, once we have answers, then we can move into design phase.

Our products are designed to drive targeted business and revenue! We are your Creative, UX and Web Design Agency Sydney. Read about our design process here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot to consider when choosing an agency to partner with, we get it. Allow us to simplify the process.


1) How big is your team?

We are a team of 10 core members, including UX designers, Web Designers, Front-end Developers, Project Managers, Finance, Writers and Account Managers. We are a Design-led UX Agency with 3 teams of trusted developers we regularly work with.


2) What is your process like?

As a general guide, it goes like this but can vary from project to project. Sometimes extra scoping is required, sometimes more iteration and user testing required:

1. Initial Meeting & Scoping
2. Proposal Presentation
3. Proposal Approval + 50% Deposit
4. UX & Kickoff Workshop
5. Content review Workshop
6. Review Workshop
7. Design Phase + Progress Payment
8. Feedback & Iteration
9. Development & Testing
10. Deliverable + Full Payment

More about our design process can be found here.


3) Why is custom web design and UX important?

Off-the-shelf web products can suffice as an MVP to go to market with but will never perform as well as a custom solution. Custom web design & user experience-driven web design is about designing informed and relevant experiences for your customers. This means mapping your web application to key tasks and understanding your audience’s motivations on a deep level. Read more about why is UX important.


4) Do you actually develop websites?

Yes, we do, we plan, design and develop websites and digital products. We have a thorough website development, testing, and quality assurance process. We specialise in WordPress development, Drupal 8, Laravel Development, Shopify Development and bespoke Web application development.


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Music web application design example for 9lives music.


5) What’s the difference between a website and a web application or digital product?

Good question! There is a fine line between the two since both are delivered through a web browser, however, there is a general rule, websites are information-based, and web applications are utility oriented.

Some examples
Dropbox Marketing website vs. Dropbox the File Transfer Tool (allows uploads & file system)
Adwords Information Website vs. Adwords Web Application (allows uploads & payment)

Websites are typically marketing and information focussed with little complex functionality. Web applications are web-based tools that can have various functions, such as content uploads, payment processing, scheduling, booking, chat channels, user sign-up and permissions, user content publishing. For example

We hope that helps… For more, read our full FAQ here


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