Not just a new website… We created multiple new revenue streams with this design for Bourke Street Bakery

Bourke Street Bakery is an iconic leader on Sydney’s bakery / cafe scene. Founded on a passion for producing and sharing great pastry and coffee, they needed a website that matched their stellar reputation.

The opportunity at hand

Bourke Street Bakery already had a great established reputation and demand for catering and online ordering, however the process for ordering was very clumsy and their website not mobile friendly.

Our solution

Not only did we implement an online catering platform that delivers great monthly revenue, we delivered a site that gives users a glimpse of the Bourke Street Bakery experience; their store locations, highlighting their signature products & their story of passion. Why not pay them a visit and taste their signature Ginger Creme Brulee Tart first hand?

Entice customers with that first taste. How about it? 

We made sure the passion for the product shined through

We get it, your business is your life. You want nothing more than to see it grow and for the community to be a part of that. We can help with a website that shares your passion, and gives customers that enticing first taste.

Amazing traffic post launch

With SEO optimised content, within a month of launch the new website was generating nearly 4x as much search traffic to the website. This has persisted consistently ever since.

Multiple business goals addressed and solved with one website.

Bourke Street Bakery wanted people to find them, so we built an easy to use store listing. They wanted people to join their baking classes, so we delivered an online booking system. They wanted to offer catering and local pickup, so we designed an elegant ordering system. A site that does what it’s supposed to, no fuss.

Let us harness your businesses full potential with conversion considered web design.

Let us help you grow your business through a well designed, mobile friendly website.

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