Government Website Design & Development For Parramatta Council

The Opportunity

The City of Parramatta is going through a period of massive growth as it cements its position as Sydney’s second CBD. To help raise awareness of these changes and the opportunities they present to residents, visitors and the business community, the Parramatta Council approached experienced government website design agency Bapple to develop an all new website for their new “Parramatta: Where its At” brand campaign. See the website here.

The Challenge

We had a very limited timeframe for this project (just 6 weeks), so we had to move fast. We would need to develop the site, including various custom modules and allowing for high levels of flexibility, using the secure drupal platform to ensure the website achieved government standards.

The Strategy

We needed to highlight the bold new “Parramatta: Where Its At” brand with an all the new website that was not only beautiful – but easy to use, accessible and secure. We started with a UX phase where we created wireframes and mockups to help us achieve a high level of usability. From here our designers brought the new brand to life, applying it beautifully to every page. Then, in rapid time, our developers made the designs a reality using the stable and secure drupal platform, developing many custom modules and building the site to be flexible to allow for easy future expansion.

The Outcomes

Modernised Place Brand Website  —  Raised Brand Awareness  —  Improved Community Engagement


An Effective Government Website Needs

Thorough UX and Prototyping

Fast Load Times and High Performance

Modern and Stylish Design

Integrated Social Media Content

Engaging Animations and Effects

Ease of Use and Accessibility 

Advanced Drupal integrations and Drupal development

Experienced Government Web Designers

Security and Stability

Website training and ongoing support


What We Achieved For Parramatta Council

A beautiful, high performing website that was built fast and effectively. The website showcases the new “Parramatta: Where Its At” brand and establishes Parramatta as a top choice destination to live, invest and discover – and it allows for greater community engagement with its story sharing feature. The new website is UX driven, with full load speed optimisation, accessibility standards and industry leading government website design!

All developed on a lightning fast Drupal platform with security optimisations to boot, not just a pretty facade. Our websites truly are work horses that just keep going! When it comes to government website design, your success is our success!

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Bold and Modern Designs

Our designs are bold and beautiful, with integrated custom animations and video, keeping users excited and making our sites stand out from the crowd.

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Simple and Easy to Use

Our user focussed design strategy ensures we’re always keeping the user needs in mind – so we create websites that aren’t just great to look at, but easy to use too.

We Make Government Websites That Stand Above The Rest

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