Education Website Design, Branding Design and Refresh for Skillset

Branding design, education website design and annual report design for education leader Skillset.

Skillset is an education provider that Bapple has been partnered with for many years. As a result of this long relationship, we have been responsible for conducting and executing multiple rebrands for the company and its subsidiaries, including redesigning and adding to a list of marketing collateral such as their website, EDM’s, administration materials and their annual report design. Branding and Education Website Design was the first challenge. See the website here.

The Opportunity at Hand

The existing Skillset brand required unity and needed revitalisation, the website was slow, cumbersome and didn’t represent the organisations culture. They were losing clients because of unclear user journeys and deadends and it needed to capture details from visitors. The challenging aspect of working with a large institution such as Skillset, with many stakeholders, initiatives, and directives, is working to organise a timeline that balances a finite monthly resource budget against a growing reliance on a digital platform.

Our approach

The new website directive was to clearly show the Skillset vision: “to create the best future imaginable”. We began with a thorough UX research and Strategy discovery phase, we created clear user journeys for visitors to follow that resulted in increased client enquires. Refine and expand the branding with a comprehensive brand guide across the 3 core business units: Education, Workforce and Environment. Easy to understand CMS with training.

Improved key metrics

20% Session time increase 30% Organic google traffic increase 5 sec load speed improved


What Makes Great Education Website Design?

A communicative and friendly team that understands the Education sector

CRO and Data driven design

Career Listings / Job Board

Document and Annual Report Download Repository

School map locator

Excellent UX user experience design

Advanced WordPress integrations and WordPress development

Experienced Education Web Designers

SEO optimised written content

Website training and ongoing support


What we achieved for Skillset

A refreshed website that showcases Skillset’s vision: “To create the best future imaginable”. An extensive Brand Guide across their 3 core business units: Education, Workforce and Environment. A UX driven, fully researched, copy written, load speed optimised, on-brand, UX focussed, accessible, SEO optimised and industry leading education and training services website design!

All developed on a lightning fast wordpress WordPress platform with security optimisations to boot, not just a pretty facade. Our websites truly are work horses that just keep going! When it comes to news website design, your success is our success!

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Clear user flows were essential for this multi faceted careers and education provider.

Easier user journeys for visitors to follow, clearly explaining the services provided to increase client enquiries and ultimately inform better career paths.

A focus on careers, education and training.

Our designs are uncluttered and simple, allowing for clear user choices and career planning to be the main focus of this website design strategy.

See the site here:

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