NGO website design redefined. We designed this elegant website for UNHCR, to share how Australians’ can empower refugees.

The problem

With so many crises happening globally it can be difficult to know how we can make a difference. Australia for UNHCR wanted an NGO Website design that educated and enabled Australian’s to make a clear and lasting difference in these complex situations. We wanted NGO Website design to empower charity! It was a great honour to work with their local agency, Australia for UNHCR.

Our approach

With a thorough UX and Strategy research process we designed a website that will mobilise Australians’ to action, bringing about lasting change in the lives of refugees.

Improved key metrics

20% cart abandonement decrease30% Organic traffic increase5s load speed increase


What makes Great NGO Website Design?

Holistic UX user experience design

Leading edge accessibility standards

Data driven design

Bespoke website development

A communicative and friendly team that understands your audience

Experienced NFP & NGO web designers

SEO optimised written content

Website training and ongoing support


The result

A well researched, copy written, on-brand, UX focussed, accessible, SEO optimised and industry leading NGO website!

All developed on a secure platform with high speed code optimisations to boot, not just a pretty facade. Our websites truly are work horses that just keep going! When it comes to NGO and not for profit website design, your success is our success! Get in touch to get a quote.


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Engagement across devices was critical

We came up with a simple and engaging web design to help generous Australians make their choice easily on multiple devices. NGO Website design to empower the people!

Sharing stories

Our designs are uncluttered and bold allowing for the rich photography and stories to be the main focus of this NGO’s website design strategy.

See the site here:

Complex user journeys made simple.

This website features multiple complex user journeys for the donation process and its many options, we were sure to map and step this out this IA carefully so that the interface was clear and easy to use for each customer.

Powerful photography

Powerful and believable photography makes for great user engagement, and when your customers are engaged they are more likely to get involved to help your cause.

We believe good design can make for a better world. What's your cause?

Engage Bapple as your NGO Website Design Agency. UX and User experience design can make a difference!

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