NGO service website design redefined. Evolving a digital NGO service platform to work for its users!

The problem

BNG NGO is an agency that assists with the administration and facilitation of NGO accreditation services. Due to a legacy platform, it took days to update any information on their website.  A clumsy and almost non existent CMS could not keep up with the growing pace and services of the business. NGO services website design was our next UX challenge.

Our approach

Enter Bapple, we were able to create an existing bespoke website designed on the findings of a UX research program that involved research, interviews, and workshops in order to design a website that worked best for the client. 

Furthermore, they had an existing infrastructure that needed to continue operating. Bapple, therefore, had to design and build around this framework without a single second of disruption or downtime to the online section of the business.

Improved key metrics

20% bounce rate reduction5s Load Speed Improvement — 20% Improved Blog Engagement

Great NGO Services Website Design Consists of:

Custom UI design 

Photography sourcing

Custom WordPress development

User Experience Design

Load speed optimisation

NGO experienced web designers

SEO optimised written content

A communicative and friendly team that understands your audience

Website training and ongoing support


The Result

A well researched, copy written, on-brand, UX focussed, SEO optimised and industry leading Australian NGO Compliance services website!

All developed on a secure platform with high speed code optimisations, not just a pretty facade. Our websites truly are work horses that just keep going! When it comes to NGO website design, your success is our success!


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Engagement across devices was critical

We came up with a simple and engaging web design for reading on multiple multiple devices. See the site here:

Easy to read

A review and simplify the IA (Information architecture) menu structure. A focus on great product content and blog.

We wanted to make this website a pleasure to use.

Clear professionally written messaging, a sales tool to talk to potential clients, obvious call to action buttons and mobile usability all contribute to a pleasurable user experience and more leads from your customers.

We believe great user experience and web design can make for a better world. What's your cause?

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