Finance Website Design Redefined. Petra Capital, an elegant custom-designed website made specifically to build trust and ‘wow’ prospective clients.

Bapple was approached by Petra Capital to copywrite, design and develop a custom finance industry website specifically to engage a sophisticated and educated business savvy audience through informative & elegant content. Finance web design has a a new look!

Before Bapple

Before Petra Capital approached Bapple, their website was not mobile device friendly, had dated content, no SEO and lacking readable sources about their services and clientele. Petra Capital wanted to speak to premium clients and have a platform that showcased who they were with a dash of ‘Wow’ to boot! Our specialty 🙂


Great Finance Web Design Consists of:

✔ A communicative and friendly team that understands the finance sector audience

✔ Australia’s best web designers

✔ SEO optimised written content

✔ High speed optimised code developed on WordPress

✔ Data driven design

✔ Excellent customer UX user experience

✔ Website training and ongoing support


The result

The design team at Bapple created an dynamic and animated finance business website with an engaging and informative opening video displayed as a presentation piece for prospective clients. Developed on the WordPress platform, the website is a high-end and SSL secure trust building online brochure giving a complete overview of the specialised corporate services and expertise of Petra Capital.

A fully researched, copy written, on-brand, UX focussed, SEO optimised and industry leading finance website! Our websites truly are work horses that just keep going! When it comes to finance website design, your success is our success!

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User Experience

The team at Bapple created a headache free process for Petra Capital throughout the web design process. Bapple researched the competition and created a clear project plan with milestones which was looked after by dedicated project managers. A wireframe was created by the UX team which was ensured to meet Petra Capitals customer expectations.

Finance web design across devices

With clear and simple website navigation, Petra Capital is an interactive and sophisticatedly structured web design which is effective on both mobile and tablet devices. This is an essential component when showcasing a corporate website design allowing clients to view the site anywhere at anytime.

Sophisticated Web Design

Bapple was able to create a corporate finance web design to successfully promote Petra Capital. The Sydney based corporate website boasts custom photography and images to showcase their services and engaging headlines specially developed to captivate their savvy audience.

Let us harness your businesses full potential with engaging finance web design.

Let us help you grow your financial services business through a well designed, mobile friendly website.

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