Premium Fashion and Jewellery Website Design for Larsen Jewellery

The Opportunity at Hand

The family owned Larsen Jewellery has established themselves as one of Sydney’s lead providers of high quality custom jewellery. As such, they needed fashion website design that represented their quality and status in the digital world. Their previous website was showing its age, and with rapidly falling conversion rates, we needed to bring in our design expertise.

This project would involve applying Larsen Jewellery’s new, premium branding across their website and creating a new landing page that would boost engagement and generate new enquiries, while maintaining strong SEO (search engine optimisation) throughout the site. See the website here.


Insight driven user experience design and modern web design truly drive business revenue, we proved this for Larsen Jewellery.

The strategy

We needed to demonstrate Larsen’s Jewellery’s status as a top Sydney jeweller, while designing a site that was both beautiful and easy to use – to drive more engagement and enquiries. Our first step was a thorough UX research and Strategy discovery phase to learn about the Larsen Jewellery users and ensure we were creating a user-focussed design. This would involve user journeys, personas, interviews and more.

With a strong understanding of the user needs we were able to leverage our design skills to create a series of bespoke landing pages and apply the new branding to modernise the rest of the website.

Improved key metrics

30% bounce rate reduction Increased Conversion Rate — Intuitive new design


A Great Jewellery and Fashion Website Needs

A thorough UX Research Report

Fast Load Times and High Performance

Engagement and Wedding Ring Galleries

Integrated Social Media Content

User Friendly Enquiry / Contact Form

Excellent UX user experience design

Advanced WordPress integrations and WordPress development

Experienced Education Web Designers

SEO optimised written content

Website training and ongoing support


What we achieved for Larsen Jewellery

What we saw within a few months of launching new key page designs was a 30% bounce rate drop and a doubling of pages per session, this is a great outcome! Beyond this we designed a beautiful, high performing website that presents Larsen Jewellery as a provider of premium custom made jewellery, and a leader in the fashion industry. 

An extensive website style guide allowing for a seemless transition of their old website into their new branding. The new website is research based and UX driven, with full load speed optimisation, accessibility standards, SEO and industry leading fashion and jewellery website design!

All developed on a lightning fast wordpress WordPress platform with security optimisations to boot, not just a pretty facade. Our websites truly are work horses that just keep going! When it comes to fashion and jewllery website design, your success is our success!

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Design focussed on the product helps drive engagement and sales

Users want to see the product. By putting high quality and engaging imagery upfront we keep users interested – which ultimately leads to more conversions and sales.

Focus on the customers improves engagement

By keeping our designs simple and user centric, we are able to achieve a digital strategy focussed on creating clear user journeys and choices.

See the site here:

Great web design can make your fashion or jewellery website really drive revenue.

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