Government Website Design and Accessibility – The NSW Crime Commission by Bapple Agency Sydney

We were engaged to modernise the look and improve the accessibility of the NSW Crime Commission website effectively setting a new standard for government website design. Using a combination of government website design standards, User Experience (UX), WCAG AA accessibility rules and thorough user testing we created a website that serves as a comprehensive nexus to access a raft of information and services.

Improved key metrics

20% Bounce rate decrease30% Organic google traffic increase4 second load speed increase.


Great Government Website Design Consists of:

Leading edge WCAG AA accessibility standards

Data driven design

A communicative and friendly team that understands your audience

Specialised government web designers

SEO optimised written content

Thorough UX user experience design

Website training and ongoing support


The result

A well researched, copy written, on-brand, UX focussed, accessible, SEO optimised and industry leading government website! All website development on a secure platform with high speed code optimisations to boot, not just a pretty facade. Our websites truly are work horses that just keep going! When it comes to government website design, your success is our success!

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User friendly admin

This approach also applies to the site’s management; sleek modules, thorough training and clear documentation means that it doesn’t require a specialist to maintain and update the website, ensuring a long return on investment.

Security improved

On top of this, we brought the security, accessibility and back end in line with the standards expected of a critical government web service.

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