Soul Origin; Designing an enticing food experience and building new revenue streams. Cafe franchise website design at it’s best!

A fresh look; for fresh food online! A franchise cafe website design challenge.

Our 4 pronged challenge from Soul Origin was to create a website design that reproduces the in-store experience of the ever successful 100 store strong food & coffee franchise. Along with this, make store finding much easier, boost the catering business, highlight nutritional information and make it look great of course… our specialty! See the website here.

Our approach

To do this we added a revenue stream by integrating with a catering platform and delivering a complete custom web design to match. We also needed to draw attention to the wholesome menu with delicious high resolution photography. We simplified the information architecture, navigation and we made it easy for customers to find stores by adding a sophisticated geolocating ‘store locator’.

Improved key metrics

20% bounce rate reduction20% Increased online orders4s load speed increase


What Makes Great Cafe Franchise Web Design?

A communicative and friendly team that understands the food sector customer

Leading edge Food Menus with Nutritional information!

Catering system: Foodstorm integration

5 stores or 500 stores, we can help you be found!

Advanced store locator map technology

Web Designers with passion and experience in Franchise sector

Super fast loading WordPress development

Convenient Sydney web design company & office

SEO optimised written content

Thoroughly researched UX user experience

Website training, support and great value ongoing retainers


The result

All developed on the WordPress platform with security layers plus high speed code optimisations to boot, not just a pretty facade ;). The result, an SEO optimised and industry leading website fit for an industry leader! We are thrilled to continue working with and supporting the Soul Origin family! Come work with Sydney’s best franchise cafe website design agency, our friendly team is here to help you succeed!

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Eat with your eyes

What better way to promote healthy eating than to let people swipe through the photographic menu on the homepage. We came up with a simple yet effective design to help customers browse through the delicious Soul Origin menu quickly. Click here to see our custom salad scroller on the home page.

Clear, simple and fast!

We developed the Soul Origin website to work on every device, this is time consuming but very important for retaining customers. With clear and easy navigation, everything is a click away.

Let us harness your businesses full potential with customer centric web design.

Let us help you grow your retail food business through an effective online user experience.

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