The design process

It all begins with understanding. This is the most important part of our design process here at Bapple. We begin a project by meeting with our clients in person to discover their core business objectives. Then we aim to understand their customers needs (and frustrations if any). A nice design is just a byproduct of this understanding.

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We don’t just make things look pretty…

Our work is always strategically-led with end-results always in mind. Most projects revolve around achieving a key purpose, be it more walk-ins, more website registrations, greater brand engagement, more add-to-carts, more phone calls etc. This is where we excel, we get to the point!

Yes but how…

These days you must lead with great content, thorough customer research and proven UX (User Experience) standards. It needs to be well written and engaging; whether it’s a website design or a marketing email, as a business you must capture your audience’s attention and keep it for long enough to build trust in your service and have them ultimately become a customer.

Our process

We will almost always request a meeting with our clients, we find that this sets us up for project success and clear communication from the beginning.

The below phases 1-4 cover web & digital projects, and phases 1-2 apply to print/branding.

Phase 1. Let’s talk about it

Meet and greet. Discuss requirements, audience, technology specifications, core design principles, scoping, likes and dislikes. We’ll ask you the tough questions, challenge your perceptions & get to know how your customer thinks. Discuss rough costs then provide a detailed quote and timeline to review together to ensure we are aligned in our visions.

Phase 2. UX / Design

Then we include you in our Discovery Workshop which highlights critical customer insights, research findings and competitive business strategies. With your approval we create concepts and sketches from our findings over several phases. Once approved these then become part of a complete user experience plan with Wireframes (blue prints), Style guides and final Designs over several rounds of feedback.

Phase 3. Website development / Testing

Your site needs to fly and pass the Google mobile readiness tests! We make use of high end code / speed optimisations, security layers, accessibility standards, device testing (QA) and SEO standards.

Phase 4. Launch / Promote / Support

Launch the site over two phases, staging and then live. Then promote it (Social / Google packages) and provide system training to your core staff. With one month included post delivery support, retainer and management options.

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We solve complex digital problems

We employ a variety of proven processes to provide you with a great project solution and most of these revolve around listening & planning.

From our Sydney HQ we work in all sectors, all over the world, all of the time. If you wish to discuss a project, email [email protected] or call (02) 9665 6093 and we will guide you through the entire process, there is also a helpful quick quoting enquiry form on our contact page.

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