CRS: A Technology Website Design Solution

The problem

CRS offers a diverse range of products as Australia’s go-to provider of end to end solutions for the IT, data and communications infrastructure industry. With an outdated website and lack of support, this massive catalogue became difficult and tedious for customers to navigate, raising confusion about their services. We needed to put technology website design to work!

Enter Bapple – to build the ultimate user friendly journey with our UX led technology website design expertise.

Our approach

We mapped out a research driven UX strategy specifically tailored to the multiple user journeys of CRS’ customers who needed quick and easy access to the various uses of their product libraries. The purpose of this IT website was not so much about being found on google, but being a useful sales tool and a catalogue for staff and customers alike.

Improved key metrics

50% bounce rate reductionNew intuitive IA Navigation80% increase in traffic


Great Technology Website Design Consists of:

User friendly catalogues

Smart and iconographic information architecture

Dynamic item libraries & CMS controllable categories

Sophisticated website design

Advanced WordPress development

An expert team that understands the IT industry

Excellent UX user experience design

Website training and ongoing support


The Result

A data-driven, large scale web platform customised for the existing array of products and services that CRS has to offer. This website is built for ultimate usability so that it has the capabilities to grow alongside the business. Now that CRS has a fully functional web platform, they can spend quality time providing support and information to their customers on the ground on the go.

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Functionality & Accessibility

It was crucial for CRS that workers using their products on site had quick and easy access to product information on the job. That’s why we focused on building a functional (yet sophisticated) web layout that works across all devices.

Dynamic Libraries

Our designs incorporate a range of user friendly product catalogues, packed with all the right info and complete with simple navigation tools.

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