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Bapple FAQ, frequently asked questions

Websites, Marketing and Branding are a very important part of your business strategy and they can be quite complex. Got questions about the process? Find answers here.


1) What sort of design work to do you?

We do app & website design, UX & CX discovery workshops, branding/naming, social media plans & integration, email campaigns & print design.


2) I’m starting a new business, can you help with my logo and branding?

Absolutely, we welcome this type of work and we have named and branded many businesses. Just ask and we can show you some examples. [email protected]


3) How long will it take?

Websites can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months depending on size and scope. We always start with an in-person discovery workshop to get to know your business.

Branding takes 2-3 weeks minimum and is a very involved process that cannot be rushed, don’t worry we’ll get you involved also.

Print jobs can take from 1-2 weeks to design, print and deliver (we take care of printing and delivery if required, or use your own printer).


4.1) How much will my website cost?

We have 3 classes of websites, A, B and C class.

Our big budget ‘A’ class sites are completely custom designed to your business purpose and range from $15-100k+gst. These sites can be as big as you need and as many custom modules and functionality as needed and usually are larger than 20 pages. Most Bapple sites are ‘A’ class custom sites eg.  ,  ,

‘B’ class is a fusion of C and A; template design with many custom elements (What are the advantages of Templates vs. Custom web design?), budgets for these range from $8-20k+gst. Ideal for a business that has out-grown their first website, these sites are typically no bigger than 15 pages but can be extended.  Eg. , ,   , &

Our simplest ‘C’ class websites start at $2990+gst, Ideal for startups, these are based on a slightly customised theme or template which we will help you select specific to your business. This is usually a long scrolling 1 page site or 2-3 simple page template website. We will guide you through colour changes, logo positioning and fonts however we cannot change the core layout of the selected template without additional cost. These sites are typically no bigger than 1-4 pages but can be extended. We don’t have many examples of these just yet as we mostly do B and A class sites, here’s a sample: &


4.2) How much will my logo cost?

Generally logos start from $1300 but it’s best to get a quote first: [email protected]


4.3) How much will my email or flyer design cost?

Most designs take atleast a full day to finish, It’s best to get a quote first: [email protected]


5) How do you track project progress?

We keep to a timeline through our Cloud based project management system and we update you at key project milestones


6) Do you provide web hosting solutions?

Yes we can organise hosting for you at monthly or discount yearly costs starting from $19/mth.


7) What Content Management System do you use?

We specialise in WordPress, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify & Squarespace development.


8) Do you use WordPress templates and themes?

Generally we aim to create custom websites for specific business purposes but for ‘B’ & ‘C’ class (see above for Classes) websites we can use templates and customise them.


9) Do you do e-commerce sites?

Yes we do and we can use Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Magento or Shopify. We integrate these with eWay and PayPal payment gateways.


10) Do you provide ongoing support?

Yes we can for a monthly fee, or hours purchased in advance, please enquire with us. It all depends on the amount of work you need doing per month.


11) How do I get more traffic to my site?

This is the 60 million dollar question! There are many ways, first of all, have a product/service that people really want! Secondly you need great content plus SEO tag and meta data structure. Thirdly we recommend promoting it across multiple channels such as social media, google ads, facebook ads and email lists, every week for 2-3 months after you launch! We can do all these things, just ask – [email protected]


12) Can you help with digital marketing?

We are not strictly a marketing company, we are a full service digital and branding design studio, but we can help with social media and Instagram / facebook ad design.


13) Do you design emails or EDM templates?

Yes we do and we have a specific service dedicated to this, have a look at EmDash – Email template design a service by Bapple or simply email us for a quote: [email protected]


14) Why should I choose Bapple?

You should choose Bapple because we are hands on, we care about the end result for your Business case and we involve you in the process. We are also highly creative and passionate people which translates to ‘caring’. If you don’t create with love and commitment, it shows and your customer won’t care either.


15) Can I update my website on my own after it is live?

Yes, we create handbooks on how to edit your site in WordPress (or other) and we will guide you through it. Or you can hire us to do it for you for a small monthly fee.


16) Will I be involved in the design and/or development?

Yes, we will keep you involved with design and your feedback is very important. We will also update you at key milestones of the development phase. We also allow 3 rounds of design changes on average.


17) Will my website work on mobile and tablet?

Yes absolutely. This is called ‘responsive web design’. Majority of people browse on mobile devices these days, if we didn’t allow for this you would lose 70% of your audience.


18) Can you integrate our current system with the new website?

Yes, if it is WordPress or Magento. If it is another system, we will need to review the site and see what is possible. Please enquire [email protected]


Anything else?

Call: 02 9665 6093 or Email via the form here

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