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Websites, Marketing and Branding are a very involved & important part of your business growth strategy, allow us to simplify the process for you.

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1) What are your key services?

Our core strengths lie in bespoke web design, digital strategy, brand creation and web development on the WordPress, Shopify and Laravel platforms. We specialise in several sectors including NGO / not for profit, food retail, franchise, creative, government, medical, construction and finance sectors. Our services include:

Custom Website Design
High Performance Web Development
UX & CX Strategy & Research
Web Application Design and Development
Branding design / strategy / copy
App / UI Design
Email EDM design / writing / coding
— & select print design work.

The rest we leave to our trusted partners. All our work is produced and managed in-house by our team including 3 rounds of revisions. Our clients never leave unsatisfied.


2) How much will my website / digital product cost?

We have 3 classes of websites / product levels, A, B and C class.

‘A’ class – Our big budget websites range from $35k → ≥$300k+gst. These are business critical digital platforms, custom user flow ecommerce, custom software SaaS platforms, and large corporate websites. ‘A’ class sites feature a complete UX discovery process, stakeholder onboarding, enterprise level project management, custom web development to strict specifications and custom interface UX / UI design. These digital products are created strictly on-brand and on target to your business purpose. These websites are typically larger than 20 pages. Most Bapple sites are ‘A’ class custom sites, these are our specialty.

A: Examples include:
UNHCR Australia: NGO / Not For Profit
9Lives Music App design
Soul Origin: Coffee Franchise Web Design
Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance Website Design
Stockhead, ASX Stock Media Blog Website Design
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‘B’ class – A fusion of C and A; These range from $15k → $35k+gst. Usually based on highly customised themes with many unique elements (What are the advantages of Theme Templates vs. Custom Web Design?). Ideal for a business that has out-grown their first website, these sites are typically no bigger than 15 pages but can be extended.

B: Examples include:
CPR Kids | Child & Baby First Aid Website Design
Infinity Financial Advice Website Design
Hitch Advisory: Lawyer / Legal website design
Hyundai Commercial Vehicle Website Design
Stoneberry: Stone Marble ecommerce Website & Brand Design
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‘C’ class – Our simplest websites / landing pages range from $5k → $15k+gst. Ideal for startups, promotions and small business, these are based on a slightly customised themes or templates which we will help you select specific to your business. We have a brand new service in 2019 that specialises in these: Dayweb, Small business websites. These are usually a long scrolling 1 page website or a simple 2-4 page template website. Due to the simple nature of these websites the core focus is on great engaging content, photography and clear call to action buttons. We will take care of photography, colour changes, logos and fonts. These sites are typically no bigger than 1-4 pages but can be extended easily. We don’t have many examples of these as we mostly do B and A class sites:

C: Examples include:
Saffronia: Health Supplement web design
Origins Of Australia: Health Supplement website design
The Hellenic: Greek Food Restaurant Web design
Vbub: Small Business Events Mobile Bar Website Design
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3) How long will it take?

Websites can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months depending on the size, complexity and scope. We always start with an in-person discovery workshop to get to know your business and finish with training and user manuals for your website. Read about our design process here.

Branding takes 2-6 weeks minimum and is a very involved process that cannot be rushed, don’t worry we’ll get you involved too.

Print jobs can take from 1-4 weeks to design, print and deliver (we take care of printing and delivery if required, or use your own printer). We generally only do print work for our web or brand customers, meaning that we avoid one-off flyers or jobs.


4) What is UX design?

User experience-driven web design is about designing meaningful and relevant experiences for your customers. This means mapping your website to key tasks and understanding your audience’s motivations on a deep level. Before we begin any web or design project, we consider many factors; who is your customer, where they will be browsing from, what devices are they using, how to speak to them, what are their fears, what questions are they seeking to answer?

Our UX process delves deep, once we have answers, then we can move into the design phase. User experience design is sometimes used interchangeably with phrases like ‘usability’ and ‘user interface design (UI).’ Usability and UI are important features of UX design, but UX design covers a much vaster, big-picture array of interactions and experiences.


5) Why custom web design is important?

Custom web design or bespoke website design goes hand in hand with UX. In that, you are creating a platform for specific users with specific needs that achieve specific client business goals that cannot be solved with an off the shelf template. This is Bapple’s specialisation. Read more about custom web design here.


6) I’m starting a new business, can you help with my logo, branding and website as a package?

Absolutely, we welcome this type of work and we have named and branded many startups and existing brands. We cover brand strategy, naming workshops, brand guide design, logo updates, tone of voice development and more. To get started send us a brief: [email protected]


7) How much will my logo / brand cost?

Strictly speaking, we do not just design logos as such, we create brands… besides sounding pretentious, what’s the difference? A whole lot of research and character development. Anyone can create a trendy logo in a few hours but an effective brand has a story, personality, a voice, a crowd, depth, values and much more. We recommend to allow 2-4 weeks to develop the concept properly with you, it’s best to get a quote first. Some brand designs can be cheaper, or more costly depending on your requirements but there are few shortcuts in great brands: [email protected]


The UX design process


8) How much will my email or flyer design cost?

Most design takes at least a full day to finish, this includes 3 rounds of included revisions, it all depends on the content and imagery, It’s best to get a quote first: [email protected]


9) How do you track project progress?

We keep to a timeline through our Cloud-based project management system and shared timelines, updating you at key project milestones and we supply you with a detailed project schedule to follow.


10) Do you provide web hosting solutions?

Yes, we can organise website hosting for you at monthly or discount yearly costs starting from $19/mth. We use high speed SSD commercial grade hosting, not shared hosting.


11) What Content Management System do you develop for?

We specialise in WordPress, Laravel, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify & Squarespace website development.


12) Do you use WordPress templates and themes?

There are many pro’s and con’s to using templates/themes but we tend to specialise in custom designed website jobs (from scratch) because they perform better with customers, SEO and Google results in the long-run. Generally we aim to create custom websites for specific business purposes but for ‘B’ & ‘C’ class (see above for Classes) websites we can use templates and customise them.


13) Do you develop e-commerce sites?

Yes we do and we use Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Magento or Shopify. We integrate these with eWay, Stripe and PayPal payment gateways.


14) Do you provide ongoing support?

Our website code is covered by a 30 day warranty, beyond that we can provide monthly ongoing maintenance as required, or discounted pre-purchased hours on retainer, please enquire within
[email protected]. It all depends on the amount of maintenance you require per month.


Bapple Team 13th Birthday


15) How do I get more traffic to my site?

This is the 60 million dollar question! There are many ways, first of all, have a product/service that people really want! Secondly you need great and plentiful written content plus SEO tag and meta data structure. Thirdly we recommend promoting it across multiple channels such as social media, google ads, facebook ads and mailing lists coupled with effective EDM design, every week for 2-3 months after you launch! We do all these things, just ask – [email protected].


16) Can you help with digital marketing?

Yes, we cover EDM Campaigns, Flyer design, Social media and Instagram / facebook ad design for select projects.


17) Do you design emails or EDM templates?

Yes we offer advanced EDM design, (see an example here) and we have a specific service dedicated to this, have a look at EmDash – Email template design a service by Bapple, or simply email us for a quote: [email protected]. We build EDM’s for Campaign monitor, Mailchimp, Salesforce, IBM Watson and more.


18) Why should I choose Bapple?

You should choose Bapple because we are forward thinking creative strategists and business  minded professionals. We care about the end result for your business case and we involve you in the process. We are also highly creative and passionate people. We design & create with commitment to a business cause, it shows in the final product and our customers notice.


19) Can I update my website on my own after it is live?

Yes, we create handbooks on how to edit your website in WordPress website (or other platforms) and we will guide you through it. Or you can hire us to do it for you for a monthly retainer fee, just ask – [email protected]


20) Will I be involved in the design and/or development?

Yes, we will keep you involved with the design process and your feedback is very important. We will also update you at key milestones of the development phase. We allow 3 rounds of design changes in our process and clients always leave satisfied.


21) What is the difference between frontend and backend web development?

Front-end development is the visual and interactive part of a website or app, it is closely linked to the visual design. It is the equivalent to the facade or finishings of a building. Backend development is everything to do with the server-side and not visible part of your digital product. The equivalent of the formwork of a building. Both are equally important and Bapple provides both services with great accuracy.


22) Will my website work on mobile and tablet?

Yes absolutely! This is called ‘responsive web design’ and is a very important part of web design. The majority of people browse on mobile devices these days, if we didn’t allow for this you would lose 70% of your audience.


23) Can you integrate our current system with the new website?

Yes, if it is WordPress, Laravel, Shopify or Magento. If it is another system, we will need to review the site and see what is possible. Please enquire [email protected]


24) Can I pay with credit card?

Yes we accept credit card and various payment options.


Anything else?

Read about our design process here or email your brief to [email protected] . Prefer to chat? Call us to discuss your project: 02 9665 6093, alternatively fill our briefing form here.

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