Insurance Website Design, the Pet Variety. Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance, a web make-over. Even established businesses need help.

Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance was in such a position of having a website that had not been able to keep up with their growth over the past few years which left them with a website that confused visitors and had pages that went nowhere or to deals and programs that no longer existed. A complete UX and Design makeover was in order! We provided UX design, a web design makeover and an insurance website design Sydney could trust. See the website here.

Our Approach

The new website was guided by a thorough user experience design discovery process to create detailed prototype quote form wireframes and breed selectors. These needed to work across mobile devices and guide the owners of varying pet breeds toward the right insurance quote.

Improved key metrics

20% bounce rate reductionNew intuitive IA4s load speed improvement


What Makes Great Insurance Website Design?

Leading edge UX and user flows

Easy to use forms and quote tools

A communicative and friendly team that understands your audience

Specialist finance and insurance web design team

SEO optimised written content

Website training and ongoing support


Our success

The result is a mobile ready, user tested & product centric insurance website design, complete with detailed quote forms, breed selectors and more.

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Hairy Problems

Bow Wow Meow was in such a position, they had dated web forms, slow load speeds and a website that did not respond well to devices.

UXcellent Design

Much like pruning a tree or planning a garden, sometimes the solution isn’t always adding more. 
With Bow Wow Meow we used a considered and research-driven approach to interview their customers and internal staff to inform our UX process.


Our solution was to create an easy to understand user flow that allowed the user to customise their own journey based on their needs. Navigating Bow Wow Meow’s impressive range of options one decision at a time. Tools like our dynamic quoting module and editable infographics were created with this goal in mind.

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