Banking Website Design and UI for Macquarie Bank & Career Portal

Bapple was hired by the renowned DT/Ogilvy Agency Sydney to design this successful web concept pitch for the Macquarie Bank Careers portal and global navigation design in a very limited timeframe. Bapple also contributed a number of sections and global navigation to the current Macquarie website. This included responsive mobile designs, careers pages, versatile banking website design and content pages.

Key results

A new global navigation and IAWinning Pitch30% improved loading time


What Makes Great Finance Banking Website Design?

A dedicated UX design agency team

Researched and SEO targeted content

Data driven design decisions

A Web Design Agency with passion and experience in the finance sector

Defined web style guides

Thorough IA, customer & UX user experience research

Agile sprint style project management


The result

UX led design and research set new standards for global navigation and information architecture. A complete digital style guide and UI standards established. SEO optimised content for an industry leading banking website! When it comes to finance UX design and banking website design, your success is our success!

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To harness engagement

The key task to complete was to create engagement with prospective career candidates through testimonials, content and profile stories of previous graduates.

UX research informed design decisions

UX led design and research set new standards for global navigation and information architecture across multiple devices.

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