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  • Hello, we are Bapple. We are on an ongoing mission to help businesses deliver value to the world by bringing their dreams to fruition with great design thinking.

We’re a team of designers, developers & creative innovators based in Sydney. With a focus on websites, apps and branding, we specialise in transforming businesses digital presence & building beautiful custom website designs for global brands from the ground up.

Since 2006 we’ve been designing simple websites for startups, apps, outstanding print design, branding / logos and brochure design.

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Some of the businesses we help

Web design projects

Here are some of our website design, tablet and mobile projects. Keep scrolling for print and branding.

Print it good!

We design brochures, business cards, flyers & signage at freelance rates.

It’s all in the Brand

Some of our logo, branding design and icon work.

What’s a Bapple?

When naming Bapple, we insisted that the business name had to be simple, creative and memorable. The word came from a simple wordplay portmanteau of Banana and Apple. It turns out that people like the name and it’s playful nature. In case you’re wondering, here’s how to pronounce it; just put a ‘B’ infront of ‘apple’ and say it as one word, ‘Bapple’. Read out more about our services.

Founded in 2006 by freelance web designer Peter Kawecki, we still believe in a personal approach to our work. This is why we employ a rigorous in-person discovery phase before any project. What is it that your business needs? More sales? More sign-ups? More ponies? Let’s talk.

How we work with you