Stylish Digital Menu Design for Woolies

Whether you’re ducking in for milk and bread or doing your monthly two trolleys worth of grocery shopping, Woolworths, or Woolies as we more affectionately know them by, has everything you need for the latest gourmet cooking adventure. Digital Menu Design is what was required for this brief.

As well as having your pick of delectables from the deli, and fresh bread from the instore bakery, you can now sit down mid-shop and enjoy a leisurely coffee and snack.

Woolies turned to Bapple to help promote their instore cafes with these fresh digital menu boards.

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Beautiful Layouts

We combined stunning photography and beautiful layouts to share each days fresh new menu items in this Digital Menu Design.

Breakfast, lunch and tea (or coffee)

We delivered a series of customisable templates which easily be adapted for each store location as well as seasonal items. So fresh!

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