Branding Design That Leaves an Impression.

Got an existing brand that needs a re-think or a start-up needing guidance? Here at Bapple we’re passionate about branding design, especially in crafting an image and set of values that perfectly communicates your company vision, point of difference and character.

It’s not just a logo, it’s a personality and a presence that reaches beyond your business card. It includes tone of voice, photography style, font selection, colour palettes, applications and more.

What makes great branding design?

What you receive in our branding design projects goes far beyond an icon. We research, we sketch, we iterate, we collaborate with your team until you are happy with an image that represents your business.

Audience profiling, Brand Image & Values Creation Workshop

Tone of voice and copy development

Deep Competitor Research & UX Report

Responsive branding design & Social media applications

Logo, Font & Brand usage guide book

Stationery & Business cards designed + Printed

Window and Car Application concepts

Email Signatures

Website (design & development)

Tell us about your project via our contact page or call us: (02) 9665 6093.


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Brand guide book example, font & logo application options.

An effective brand design and business image directly affects your revenue

We have helped numerous budding entrepreneurs launch their maiden voyage into building a new business or refreshing an existing one and we’d love to help you too! Now we’re offering this unified business branding service to help you along this exciting journey.

Have a branding design project in mind? Email us your brief: [email protected]

style guide and branding design sydney agency deep logo design agency
Logo development & design process and colour palettes.

Bapple Provides a Complete Range of Branding Design Services
Whether you’re searching for a new logo design, brand development, a complete brand guide design, or the best combined website and branding design agency Sydney has to offer, you are in the right place!

How long does branding design take?

Approximately a month, this includes several workshops, mood board creation, 3 revision rounds and overall strategy. We get you involved throughout the process with your approval every step of the way. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tell us what you need

What makes a successful Logo?

A brand’s logo needs to be instantly recognisable. It’s a fine line balancing the rich story of the brand, alongside a design that is both simple & memorable. Take Octos for example, 8 sides to the Octagon, 8 arms of business, condensed into one simple and elegant brand mark.

A fresh mobile ready website

65% of the Australian population access the Internet every day on their smartphone and never leave home without it. That means people are visiting your website on their smartphones, tablets & computers. With a responsive website, you build your website once and make it adjust to whatever screen size your prospects are viewing it on. Same website, same content, different experience.

Business Cards Aren’t Dead

Business cards serve as a physical reminder of the conversation, or any further communication in the future. That will not be the same as saving a note in your phone, using an app to exchange contact details, or sending an email to yourself.

Need to revitalise your business with fresh branding and a website?

We are here to produce all your design needs.

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Client Feedback

Just a quick update on Guaco – it’s doing a lot better than expected, with repeat business from the locals mainly. They love your designs – walls and paper menus!

- Eleanor, Owner
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