Great Brand Design Runs Deep! A Case Study.

Bapple designed the new Deep brand, business cards, presentation template and a styleguide. A styleguide comes with everything you need to narrate how a brand and logo should be used, from colour palettes to type usage, window applications and t-shirts, it’s all important if you want a strong consistent business presence.

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The idea behind the DEEP logo

The brand idea revolves around the metaphor of delving deeply into data and the analysis of it.

When we design a logo, we consider everything from fonts to colour palettes.

The style guide dictates the colour palette, logo usage guides, minimum sizes and how fonts should be used. We are very thorough in our considerations.

A high end finish!

We will even print your cards and deliver them to you!

Look professional across all media types!

Whether it’s an app, a powerpoint presentation design, we cover all bases!

Let us harness your businesses full potential with great branding design!

Let us help you grow your business through a well designed attractive brand

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