Professional Branding Design & Style Guide for Sydney Businesses. Case Study: Executive Auto.

Bapple designed the new Executive Auto brand. Our branding design service includes, crafting brand values, colour palettes, competitor research, business cards and a styleguide. A styleguide comes with everything you need to narrate how a brand and logo should be used, from colour palettes to type usage, window applications and t-shirts, it’s all important if you want a strong consistent business presence.

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When we design a logo, we make sure it looks good in real life too!

It had to look good on a t-shirt!

The idea behind the Executive Auto Brand

We decided the brand would work well as a loose metaphor for a manual gear stick.

The end result

A professional assortment of branding material.

A high end finish!

We make sure your brand looks good on everything!

Let us harness your businesses full potential with great branding design!

Let us help you grow your business through a well designed attractive brand

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Client Feedback

You’re not making this easy – they all look so good!

- Nicolas
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