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About Bapple

Bapple is an agile digital design agency with high standards and proven strategic ideas to boost business.

Founded in 2006 by creative director Peter Kawecki in a small apartment by the beach. Now in Surry Hills, we’re a diverse team of designers, developers, strategists, producers & writers ready to help your business shine.

Services we provide

Website design, mobile app design & web apps
Branding design / naming, logos, style guides
Website development, build & QA
User & Customer Experience Strategy UX / CX
– Business Discovery Workshops
Brochures, flyers and business cards

Our full list of services is covered here.


So… what’s a Bapple?

We get this question a lot and the answer is more innocent than most would think.

When naming Bapple Peter insisted that the name be simple, creative and memorable. The business name came from a simple fusion of the words Banana and Apple. It turns out that people tend to like the name and it’s playful nature, in case you’re wondering, here’s how to pronounce it; just put a ‘B’ in front of ‘apple’ and say it as one word, ‘Bapple’.


Bapple exists to make your business communications engaging, memorable & compelling. We want to make your business shine!


What to expect when working with Bapple:

Put simply, a well organised approach & results. Despite all the communication technology that’s available these days, we believe that nothing beats a face to face meeting or at least a phone call. In order to design the most effective solutions for you we employ a complete discovery phase to reveal what it is your business truly needs from a communication piece. More sales? More sign-ups? More ponies?

Got questions? Head on over to our FAQ page or tell us about your project on the contact page.

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