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Bapple is not just a web design studio, Bapple exists to make your business communications efficient, memorable, attractive and as engaging as possible, ultimately leading to more inquiries.


Whether it’s a website, email, brochure or business card, as a business you must get your customers attention and keep it for long enough to build faith in your service and ultimately contact you. This is where Bapple comes in, Peter excels at getting to the point and making it look good!

What’s a Bapple?

Bapple was formed in 2006 by Peter Kawecki after 6 years freelancing as a web designer in Sydney. When naming Bapple Peter insisted that the business name had to be simple, creative, short and memorable. The word came from a simple creative portmanteau of Banana and Apple. It turns out that people tend to like the name and it’s playful nature, in case you’re wondering, here’s how to pronounce it; just put a ‘B’ infront of ‘apple’ and say it as one word, ‘Bapple’.

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Business website design by Bapple, Sydney web designer Peter Kawecki
Peter Kawecki, Sydney web designer and owner of Bapple makes websites that work for your business.

What to expect when working with Bapple:

1. Meet and greet, discuss requirements, strategy, goals, style likes and dislikes.
2. Discuss rough costs.
3. Provide a detailed quote and discuss options.
4. Research, competition, points of difference and angles of approach.
5. Create wireframes, working demos
6. Core design, responsive designs etc
7. 3 rounds of feedback and testing included to get the product looking and working right.
8. Deliver, print, test the product thoroughly.

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Mobile: 0419 144 829
Location: Level 14, 3 Spring St, Sydney, 2000